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Class A Permit | DOT Medical Card

In order to obtain your Class A CDL drivers license, you must first get a Class A CDL permit. To get the permit, you will need to be able to pass a general knowledge exam at your local DMV office. (Division of Motor Vehicles)

You will need to contact your local DMV for instructions and fees required to obtain your Class A Permit. They may also be able to furnish you with study material needed to pass the CDL general knowledge exam.


Class A Permit Sample Questions. (These are just a few sample questions. It is recommended that you get additional practice material from your local DMV as each State has different CDL requirements. Correct answers are in blue.)

1. If the vehicle ahead of you is smaller than yours, it is:

A. More likely to roll-over.
B. Able to stop faster than you can.
C. Take turns slower than you can.

2. What is your most important way to see the sides and rear?

A. By looking out the window
B. Checking your mirrors regularly
C. Getting on the C. B. radio.

3. Empty trucks have the best braking.

A. True
B. False

4. What is hydroplaning?

A. Driving in the snow
B. When the tires lose their contact with a wet road.
C. When you hit a pot hole

5. What is black ice?

A. Dirty snow
B. Rain and snow mixed
C. A thin layer of ice clear enough that you can see the road underneath it.

6. If you swing wide to the left before turning right another driver may try to pass you on the right.

A. True
B. False

7. Whenever you double your speed, it will take about _____ times as much distance to stop.

A. Two
B. Three
C. Four

8. What is the first thing you should do if your brakes fail while driving downhill?

A. Call 911
B. Get off the road as soon as possible.
C. Move into the fast lane.

9. When you must stop on a one-way or divided highway, you should place your reflective triangles at which of the following locations?

A. 10 feet, 100 feet, and 500 feet toward approaching traffic.
B. 10 feet, 100 feet, and 200 feet toward approaching traffic.
C. 1 foot, 10 feet, and 100 feet toward approaching traffic.

10. Why should you be in the proper gear before starting down a hill?

A. Because gravity can cause the speed of your vehicle to increase.
B. Because you don't want to shift going down a hill.
C. Because the clutch works better up a hill.

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This featured profile is provided by Drivers Central. A third party recruiting firm.