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Swift Transportation
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About Drivers Central

Drivers Central hires drivers for full-time career employment with Swift Transportation in a variety of driving jobs.

Our company was founded on three important principles that, for the most part, are missing from typical recruiting companies. Our objective is simple: Deliver Quality Results! From our daily communication with the drivers to our relationship with Swift Transportation, these principles drive every aspect of our business.

Honest: This may sound like a standard policy that every company should uphold, but unfortunately the recruiting industry has been tainted by recruiters who consistently lie to applicants in order to capture their interest and have them work for a particular company. Drivers Central is committed to being honest and up-front with drivers to ensure a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between us and our clientele.

Accurate: We understand the importance of accurate information. Every member of our staff is highly trained with correct information to provide to the applicants. Drivers Central is also committed to making sure the driver’s personal information is accurate and verified through a multi-stage qualification process.

Complete: Even accurate information is no good unless it’s complete. Throughout our qualification process we are continually providing information and gathering data on our applicants. By the time the process is finished, the driver is fully prepared and ready to begin their driving career with Swift Transportation.

By implementing these simple principles we have been able to separate ourselves from the rest of the recruiting industry and have quickly become recognized as the premiere job placement service within the trucking industry.

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